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Welcome to the House of Opulence!

by Manny Ikomi

June 24, 2020
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Hey sis! Welcome to nuOpulence, the tea on personal finance. My name is Manny (he/him): I'm a visual designer, personal finance enthusiast and creator behind nuOpulence.

I started nuOpulence as a branding project in college. The idea came from my own personal finance journey as I grew into "adulting". It was inspired by some of my favorite personal finance influencers at the time but with my own twist of pop culture. After my initial experiences with personal finance I realized there was potential for my original idea, especially to spread knowledge within BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. I've always wanted to see this kind of representation in the personal finance space, but better late than never.

What to Expect 🧐

If you're into personal finance or just want to learn more about it you should subscribe to our email list for updates. Be prepared for bad puns, a little shade and some quality content. We'll be talking about everything: budgeting, investing, lending, banking and much more to help you live a financially fluent fierce lifestyle.

nuOpulence isn't meant to be your only source of information and it shouldn't be. I encourage everyone to seek out professional advice for their personal situation from a certified financial planner or public accountant if they have access to one. There are also plenty of other amazing resources like this one online for free!

The Mission, Spill the T.E.A. ☕️

  • Teach good money habits
  • Empower the LGBTQ community with financial literacy
  • Amplify intersectional voices and experiences

How You Can Help 😇

I look forward to spilling the tea with ya'll. 👋🏽
– Manny 💜


Gay man of color yelling "opulence" from the documentary "Paris Is Burning"
An iconic moment from the documentary "Paris Is Burning"

nuOpulence (pronounced: new opulence) is a combination of the words "numismatic"—the study or collection of currency and "opulence"—an iconic phrase from "Paris Is Burning" meaning wealth or luxuriousness.

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