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Financially Fluent Mindset

by Manny Ikomi

July 3, 2020
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Know Your Why

Personal finance is just that—personal. Practice self-awareness and have personal goals that keep you moving forward. Define your own purpose and what success means to you. Success and self-worth isn't solely determined by your net-worth or a six-figure salary. It's how you use that money to fulfill your goals and live the lifestyle you want.

Embrace the "B" Word

If you wanna be a boss b*tch, you gotta budget! A budget is simply a plan for your money: it can be held in an app, a spreadsheet, set of cash envelopes or whatever you like. The most important part is you create a plan and stick to it. You need to know how much money is coming in, how much you're keeping and how much is going out. Don't let your money do whatever it wants, have a plan and make it work for you.

Purse First

Saving and investing is the only way to reliably build wealth and financial stability over time so remember to pay yourself first. Spending all of your income without saving any for yourself ensures you'll stay broke no matter how much money you make. You must spend less than you earn if you want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle now and in future.

Sharing is Caring

Having control over your finances improves your ability to give, both time and money. Be generous when you can: treat your friends and family, give your time or money to causes that matter to you. Tip your queens, bartenders, and servers!

Let's Talk About It

Talking about money has become taboo, everyone has to deal with it but as a society we don't really talk about it. Let's normalize talking about how we manage our money, our financial struggles and what we've learned through those experiences. The more we talk about it, the more chances we have to learn, be inspired and build ourselves a better financial future.

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